We drove straight through and Alice booked our accommodation while we were driving so what teamwork!
Huntly was, Huntly – and the drive through Waiuru and a little before was autumnal in the best sense of the word. And what road trip would be complete without a photo of the DEKA sign? Iconic New Zealand landmark. I think the entire country will riot when they finally take that sign down. If they ever do.
We cruised through Tokoroa, and the RSA has special memories for me. I played their with my old band Dance Monkey where we had three dollar tequila shots and the best time you can possibly have in Tokoroa. 
Lake Taupo was even more amazing, the lake a clear view all the way across with that perfect afternoon light. Sorry no photos, I was driving by then.
We started the day waiting for our shipping company to arrive and they came as late as they could while still being on time, but that was fine – Landlord gave us a bottle of wine which we are now drinking. 
The end of an era! Our son was born and has spent all of his years so far in that house, so it was hard to say goodbye, but really we were so excited to finally get on the road. 
Special mention goes to Dianne and Warwick, the grandparents in Blenheim taking care of the kids for us while we galavant (and work) here in Wellington for a day and a half.
Honourable mention to Amie and Keith for loaning us the inflatable bed which we’ve slept on for nearly the past two months. Alice and I sold our sweet Queen bed a little too soon.
And to all our friends in Auckland whom we will miss, we will be contacting you all individually to say hello, because we will miss you. This has been the hardest part about leaving on this grand Pretirement.
Now for some binge tv watching, some wine, and then sleep.

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Nathaniel Flick

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  1. Well done – great to hear you made if safe and sound. And so it begins…..can’t wait for the next chapter!

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