Alice and I had a great time in Wellington yesterday – it was some work and some play, and the blue skies and warm temperatures made us giddy!
We stayed at a Quest lodge with free internet, just up the hill from downtown on the Terrace. It’s called that because in certain sections it’s perched high above the next street below.
We got up late-ish (7:30am is late for us now) and made our own coffee and got stuck into work. What a great feeling to be hammering away in the room together. For many years I’ve worked without my wife or any family around; it’s a refreshing change to look up and be able to see my wife sitting across from me.
For lunch we decided to go toward the waterfront in the direction of Te Papa Museum. We stopped at a great place just past Te Papa called Karaka Cafe, next to the boat club, and it was so sunny and warm we ate outside. Here’s to living and working nomadically we exclaimed! I love Epic Beer and so had the Pale Ale, and Alice had a Pinot Gris. Yes it sounds very posh but our travels won’t be this way; this was just our way of celebrating having finished the first phase of the trip which was packing up and leaving Auckland.
Last time we were in Wellington I got my hair cut at a great little place, both barbers were musicians too, but I couldn’t find it and so ended up at Capital Barbers; the lady there was a talker, but I like that. 🙂
After a lot of walking (Alice hit 10,000 steps by 130pm!) we returned to our room by about 230pm to work for another 2.5 hours.
Two coffee shops within a 10 second walk from our Quest lodging meant we had our pick of great coffee – Frank’s hit the spot with a salted-caramel gluten free cookie for Alice (she was stoked!) We have our own coffee pot, but sometimes you just have to get one made.
Dinner that night we wandered around back toward Te Papa and stopped near Cuba Street and I got the last two of three sushi trays for $10 and Alice got a mean “Most Magical Kebabs in Wellington” feed for $15. We watched the world go by from a bench on the Cuba Street walkway, and the guy handing out flyers probably thought we were as crazy as him so he didn’t bother us.
Back home again for some celebratory Agave tequila and ginger beer then an early bed. Yeah, if you’re hoping for lots of clubbing on our part you are sadly mistaken.
Wellington, you are a stunner, and I’m beginning to wonder if the nickname “Windy Welly” is a misnomer, if the two straight days of 20C temps and sun are anything to go by.

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Nathaniel Flick