My daughter was born in 2006, my first child, and that’s when I finally figured out that:

Life is a slow process of letting go

There she was, screaming at me, hugging me, needing me, and it dawned on me that she will only need me for a limited time. I’ll only be here for a limited time. I need to let her go. I need to let go.
As a dad, it’s my role to teach her, guide her, and then let her go. Funny how that became so obvious after having her, when I was already 36 years old. And now that I’m 10 years older (and she nearly is too!), I’m closer to letting go.
I’m ready for our European adventure now, I think, because I’m ready for lots and lots of really obvious change and I’ve let go of the need to sit at one desk in one city and I want to fill my life with experiences now while I’m still young and able.
Bruce Lee’s “Striking Thoughts” is a very fascinating book. I share a lot of his views on religion (no longer practice Mormonism or any other form of religion, mainly to be open to all things and all people and all ideas) and rational thought. I’ve been re-reading it because he talks about how we learn how to “win” but not how to “lose”. Learning to lose really means learning to accept death, and that we all, someday, will lose life.
This inspires me!
I hold on to winning and strive to make money (ok struggle!) and hold on to the past, when I really need to walk forward with my head up, not turned backwards.
But travelling is the same as running away from your problems, you might be thinking. Well, a ha! Not if what you are doing is being your true self! My “super power” has always been to speak any language and understand any person. I’ll be putting that to the test!
The next 1-2 years will be so so busy, we are teaching the kids on the road, running Dirt and Rust, and taking it all in as we go, and I’ll get to hear so many languages and share these things with Alice and the kids.
Now that I’m ready, I’m not afraid.

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Nathaniel Flick