How to choose where to go

Lambton Quay looking back at the hill

Alice and I have been thinking about this trip since early 2015 and when we got started trying to figure out where to go first, we were stumped! If you could go to just one country, where would you go? It’s a tough one. read more

How do you get work as a digital nomad?

Wellington Harbour

Alice works for and sometimes I do too. Now, Your Virtual Assistant is a great little company, and Justine’s workforce is all completely digital. They do work on Auckland time, for Auckland clients, but the work can be done anywhere. In fact, she doesn’t have a central office. I rebuilt her website in 2011 and after that through sheer determination her business has grown leaps and bounds. She now hires my wife to do work too, and together we both work for Justine while we’re on the road. It’s an easy fit, but took 5 years to build the trust and the relationship. I’m rebuilding Justine’s site again and it’s going great! read more

Phase 1 Complete!

Weighing the bags

We made it to the end of phase one. The kids are in Blenheim, we’ve packed up the house, the house inspection has been done, and now just getting to do a little computer work before heading off to dinner (since all we have to eat right now is marshmallows, chocolate and peanut butter). read more

A nod to Tim Ferriss

kids and Dad

Tim Ferriss’s Four Hour Work Week helped shape this journey. I read the 4HWW in 2012 (late to the party I know) at Easter while we were staying in Blenheim. I remember thinking ‘Wow I can actually design my life and travel to amazing countries.’ ¬†Look at us now? We’re heading back to Blenheim at the start of this adventure. It wasn’t intentional, but it’s kinda cool to go full-circle. read more

The Shift

Departure Sign

It feels like a shift happened on April 2nd.¬† This was the day the couch went and we had our going away gathering. I was exhausted the next day and just wanted to lie down (which amazingly, I did do), but something happened. A dunno if it was mental or if things really did just start coming together, but finally it felt for the first time that things were more manageable and doable and we’re actually doing it. Watch now that I’ve jinxed it and it all falls apart. read more