Car Races


SCRREECCHH!!! WE HEARD a noise “What was that “Lennox question “Cars”. I replayed “Yes” dad answered ” LETS GO TO THE CARS!!!!!” When we got to the cars I streaked to the stands. Cars roared across the track . “I can’t hear!!!” I screamed SUDDENLY… There was a car forward roll @ a part of the stands we ran to the happening .4 HOURS later STOCK CAR SOCCKER!!!AND DEMALITION DERBEY!!! read more

School’s in session

Te Kura School website

While we are on this journey Alice and I are charged with teaching the kids. We are provided correspondence school materials and support through Te Kura in Wellington, but after that, it’s up to us to make sure the kids are learning at a regular pace. read more

Rejigging and Reviewing

School Schedule

We made it to Blenheim, YAY, and we’ve been here over a week now. It’s gone crazy fast and we’re still insanely busy, but I think we can see the light now. Still no time to ‘get excited’, but all tasks are coming together, well it feels like it, but who knows if that’s really the case. The ‘To Do’ list seems to shrink and then expand when another issue crops up. read more