The couch

Couch and kids

Our couch has been a part of our lives since 2006, and it’s just a couch right? Something easily replaceable. Yeah that’s true, you can walk into a shop and buy a couch (or head to Craiglist/Trademe/Gumtree and buy something pretty quick, but this was OUR couch. read more

The test run

Rae-Flick Test Run

Lesson learned; super fancy wheelie suitcase/backpacks will not stop kids whining.

Alpha and Lennox got fancy wheeled/backpack hybrid suitcases for Christmas.  I thought, ‘maybe, just maybe they would be so excited by the wheels that they wouldn’t whine about lugging around their own stuff.’ read more

Shall we talk prices?


I bet you want to know how much we’ve paid on airline tickets and insurance and accommodation right? You know the most frustratingly expensive item isn’t the big ticket stuff, it’s the annoying necessitates – plastic bins! Four 80lt bins from Bunnings – $107. Then I go to The Warehouse a week later and there are 60lt bins for $1 each, but you just know they’re not going to last long. So I’ve been bracing myself for this post because I’ve buried my head a little because I’ve been scared about what this was going to be. Part of me is “Agggghhhhhhh” the other part of me says “Could be worse!” read more