We have loved Scotland, hard to believe we’re down to 4 days here till we head off to Glasgow for a month.

I’ve found that while the same problems exist here as do anywhere else, what’s different is how happy Scots are about it! And so happy to talk about it and anything else! It seems talking, telling stories, is one way to deal with the weather, to deal with delays, to deal with life in general.

The small towns here on the Black Isle and north across the Firth of Cromarty are joined by narrow roads, but very polite drivers. Everyone waves to you, and everyone is polite and respectful. If you let someone pass on a narrow stretch it’s the best feeling in the world getting that little appreciative wave. No need to take your hands off the steering wheel.

So we’ve explored all the way to the end at Cromarty (where there’s a ferry across the Firth to Negg) and driven across toward the Inverness side and stopped in a beautiful town called Avoch. After the rain stopped this little town was perfect.

A bus stop at Avoch
A bus stop at Avoch
The park at Avoch
The park at Avoch

And the first official Where’s Your Dunny interview

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Nathaniel Flick

3 Replies to “Inverness, Dingwall and Avoch and the friendly Scots”

  1. Love the interview… more of those would be awesome … makes it real !! Didn’t realise it was THAT cold ☃️?… next interview the kids and dogs ??

      1. Hey me wee chickie 🙂 …
        YES I sure did see Lennox at the Fringe .. I have a video of Jacob at a Music festival in a town called Nannup he was about 5yrs old at the time he was wearing a Spiderman outfit … your bro looked so much like Jake … very cute and very funny !!
        Are you liking Glasgow?… wow what an amazing journey you guys have been on so far!! just imagine what the rest of your trip is going to be like – Oh man !! this is only the beginning of your biggest adventure EVER !! infact for the rest of your life my wee chickadee .. xxx miss you guys lots and lots xx Aunty Col

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