There’s a movie theatre in the courtyard where the Black Poplar tree is, and this night we decided to go watch a movie!

Gradsko Kino, Kotor Cinema next to the Black Poplar tree

This little theatre is beautiful inside; it’s not large, but has red velvet seats and a balcony (we sat up in the balcony for the best view). There was a birthday party in there with us, a group of pre-teen girls and one male chaperone, they sat on the ground level. Besides that the theatre was empty.

Here’s us doing an in-the-dark selfie. We have the entire balcony area to ourselves:

Us waiting for the movie to start
Us waiting for the movie to start

The movie was “Two Buddies and a Badger“, a Norweigian film translated to Montenegrin (Yugoslavian). We find the “language barrier” makes slapstick movies even funnier because you focus on the actions more than the words.

Here’s a shot from that movie:

Two Buddies and a Badger movie poster
Two Buddies and a Badger movie poster thanks to Letterboxd:

It was a great night out, and again I got to ask for four tickets and felt like a local. Win-win.

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Nathaniel Flick