It’s been a learning curve.
In fact, it feels like a huge learning curve every day since we decided to do this. But I did think getting to Blenheim would ease the pace a little with Nat home. Nope, not in the slightest. In fact, this phase has been harder than I thought.  Isn’t that a common theme?!
The night we arrived we started working at the kitchen table and we did that for 2 days and realised that just wasn’t going to work. It’s very hard to work at the table when people are wandering around. Everyone is TRYING to keep out of each other’s space, but all that means, is that no one can relax, so strike that.

Try the library.

So we try the library. That wasn’t so good either. They lock down their wifi so it meant that Nat couldn’t connect to his company and I couldn’t get to my email.  Also, it was smelly (lots of wiffy travellers without deodrant!) Plus it was extremely noisy with construction going on and a thousand kids with the school holidays.
The desk

Build a desk.

My step-dad came to the rescue and built a desk for us in our bedroom! It’s a folding table with a gateleg and it’s perfect. It made all the difference. I’ve never liked working in the bedroom before (along with not liking having a TV in the bedroom), but man this works wonders. We can shut the door and work.
At nights we still work at the kitchen table or on the floor watching TV (which is novel, but not something I want to get used to). Not ideal, but better than nothing.

What we’ve learned

Well, we’ve learned we do need a dedicated space away from the main family to get work done. What is going to be interesting are the places we’re renting in Latvia/Estonia. They are tiny places with the only workspace I can tell right now, being the kitchen table. We may end up rigging something up so we can work in the bedroom.
We also know to check out the library as soon as possible to see what it’s like in terms of connectivity and wiffiness…
Any ideas on how to handle stinky people in public spaces?

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