SCRREECCHH!!! WE HEARD a noise “What was that “Lennox question “Cars”. I replayed “Yes” dad answered ” LETS GO TO THE CARS!!!!!” When we got to the cars I streaked to the stands. Cars roared across the track . “I can’t hear!!!” I screamed SUDDENLY… There was a car forward roll @ a part of the stands we ran to the happening .4 HOURS later STOCK CAR SOCCKER!!!AND DEMALITION DERBEY!!!
We also went to horse races here is a photo.
Note from Alice: We were at the library when she wrote this and I didn’t help her at all. All the mistakes are hers.  She wrote a second story about the horse races, but she became distracted when she found a new Asterix book to read. It will be interesting to watch her get better with writing. Lesson learned – no blog post writing at the library, it’s too exciting!

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