The crazy parade for the Celtics in Glasgow

Our apartment is on London Road, coincidentally it’s just down the road from the Celtic Football Club stadium. So we were eating dinner and all of a sudden Alice looks out the window and says, “hey there are a bunch of people walking down the street.” I thought it must be a protest of some kind because I can see blue police/service vehicle lights, but NO! It was a heap of Celtic footy supporters on the way to a match.

What a great group! Well behaved (ie. not yet drunk!) and full of spirit. Of course the police riding horses didn’t clean up after them so there was quite a bit of manure on the footpath the next week, but we enjoyed waving to the crowd and them waving back at us! Alice and the kids had their faces painted so that might have attracted some attenton:

This is the kind of thing you can’t really plan for, and that’s making our journey so much fun! We feel more like we live here in Glasgow rather than just visiting.

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Nathaniel Flick