Merow! Look a cat’s hanging out the window ! We saw a cat’s house that is 5 boxes long so the cats can sleep and aren’t strays.Look most of the cat’s are fluffy. Yesterday I saw one cat on the top of a car’s bonnet.THEN i THOUGHT of A title CATS JUMPING OVER RAINBOWS!
I thought of the title because of a doggy and rainbow picture I wanted to write about on a bus ad.
Bye see you soon.

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Alpha Rae-Flick

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  1. Hey Miss Alpha.. Love your blog and your really cool title little miss. How many cats did you see? and which one was your favourite ? X

    1. I liked the cat that stared at me wanting a hug. I’ve seen 58 cats so far including the ones I’ve seen before. OXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO from ALPHA love you (send xoxoxo to cuzzies).

    1. I thought of you when we took it, he/she was a super chill cat. There are so many cats around, I think they’re around to keep mouse levels in check! I saw a mouse run by me the other day, super fat with half a tail. Someone made a lucky escape from the mouse trap.

  2. Way to go Alpha! Good writing skills and great to see you are seeking out the animals along the way on your adventure! Keep having fun and coun
    ting cats! From Madeleine, Adam, Georgia and Lexi

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