Tim Ferriss’s Four Hour Work Week helped shape this journey. I read the 4HWW in 2012 (late to the party I know) at Easter while we were staying in Blenheim. I remember thinking ‘Wow I can actually design my life and travel to amazing countries.’  Look at us now? We’re heading back to Blenheim at the start of this adventure. It wasn’t intentional, but it’s kinda cool to go full-circle.
Yes, I’m a Tim Ferriss fan girl. I’ve read all his stuff and get the 4-Hour thing, it’s not literal, it’s about finding efficiencies and thinking differently. Breaking down the issue down to its core, approaching it from a different perspective and hopefully rebuilding it in a more efficient and pleasing way.
We may not have found our ‘muse’* yet, but we’re starting with travel, breaking the issue down to the core. We’re starting with thinking different, breaking the mold, taking away all the expectations and leaving just us. I think Tim would approve.
I’m hoping that this travel will inspire new business ideas, new ways of thinking and doing with a big helping on how to be more efficient. All the above has started. My ‘productivity tools’ have been employed (kitchen timer set to 25-minutes increments, headphones with particular ‘Tune-In’ radio stations, combined with the crushing weight of immovable deadlines.)
In fact, a fun conversation is happening at the moment. Alpha: “Dad who was the quiet one when you were a kid? Were you the quiet one, or was Uncle Simmy the quiet one? Nat’s response “What do you think?”
kids and Dad
Why’s that interesting? Apart from the fact we can all guess the answer, it’s that dinner prep is happening differently. Nat and Alpha are cooking dinner with meagre supplies – since there’s not much left in the cupboard – while listening to a 70’s radio station (not so unusual), and Lennox has his mate Jonathan over for a last hurrah. All this is happening while I’m watching and writing. I’m enjoying this change – a lot. I love the fact that Nat’s here cooking dinner with Alpha and I’m doing something else, it’s a huge change. Hopefully, this is what it will be like on the road.  It just hit me that I’m not going to be the one who’s child wrangler and food gatherer 90% of the time, it will hopefully be more balanced, which will help me deal with the fact that we’ll all going to be together 24/7!
So the changes are starting, I can’t say much about efficiencies at the moment. But I’ll take it.
* A ‘muse’ is TF’s term for that magical item that creates a passive income, the modern holy grail.

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